Stories for great presentations

Where to find great stories

  Welcome to this very quick tip. Now, one of the fundamentals of great speaking and the ability to truly influence people is as you get them to buying to your vision and the best way to do that is through the use of stories to illustrate all your major key points with stories. Now,…

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public speaking gestures

4 types of gestures you must include in your next presentation

  In this short tip, I want to share four different types of gestures you need to include in your physical communications skills. When you’re up speaking to an audience or whether you’re just having a one-on-one conversation, these are the gestures that you need to be thinking about, how you can incorporate to help…

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Overcome fear of public speaking

How to develop confidence and overcome the fear of public speaking

  In this short tip, I want to share with you five different ways that you can start to develop your confidence, and really kick your public speaking skills, your presentation skills into a new level. Now, how can you start to develop confidence when you are someone who is potential nervous and really afraid…

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Improve public speaking skills

What level of speaker are you?

    In today’s video, I really want to challenge you and ask you the question, which level of public speaker are you now? I see that there are three levels of public speaker you need to work through as you improve your public speaking skills. Level one speaker – focussed on themselves Level one,…

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Effective eye contact

How to make effective eye contact

  Today’s tip is all about making eye contact. Now, eye contact is a vital skill for you to master in communication because eyes are the windows to the soul. It’s how your audience, how the people you’re communicating with judge your veracity. In other words, are you telling the truth, can you be believed?…

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Make your presentation understandable

Avoid Audience Overwhelm: How to make your presentation understandable

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you have to share all the detail on a subject to make your presentation understandable. Its natural! We want to deliver all of the relevant information – allowing our audiences to make a decision with all the facts and information available. We make our…

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Effectively use a fire drill to make you a better public speaker

I’m sitting at Michel’s coffee shop in Menai this morning as I quickly write this article. The reason I’m “quickly” writing this weeks article is that the lovely ladies making the coffee behind the counter warned me that there is a fire drill this morning, which means that the entire shopping centre will be evacuated.…

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Don’t Wait – To Improve your skills Just Do It!

The best way to improve your skills is summarised nicely by Nike. Their tag line of Just Do It encapsulates some of the most valuable advice that a coach can give a client. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of waiting to ensure that every detail is understood before taking action.…

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Are you providing the right communications experience?

What experience do you provide when you deliver a presentation? Think back to the leaders and speakers who have had most impact on you. What was it they said that made a difference? Can you remember? Possibly not… But, what if I asked how did they make you feel? I imagine you can recall exactly…

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How to make your next presentation irresistible

It is vital you make your presentation irresistible. We live and work in a world that has never been busier. As presenters and influencers this presents a unique challenge. The people we want to influence are battling with the mountain of distractions before we approach them. When we ask them to move their attention from…

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