How to be seen as an authority in your field

Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re in a corporate career. It’s really important that you are recognised as an authority. Why is it important for you to be seen as an authority? Regardless, whether you’re in a business or whether you’re…

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Make your presentation understandable

Avoid Audience Overwhelm: How to make your presentation understandable

It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that you have to share all the detail on a subject to make your presentation understandable. Its natural! We want to deliver all of the relevant information – allowing our audiences to make a decision with all the facts and information available. We make our…

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Effectively use a fire drill to make you a better public speaker

I’m sitting at Michel’s coffee shop in Menai this morning as I quickly write this article. The reason I’m “quickly” writing this weeks article is that the lovely ladies making the coffee behind the counter warned me that there is a fire drill this morning, which means that the entire shopping centre will be evacuated.…

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Get more sales

How to reliably get superior sales with your presentations

Bus ad’s seem to be catching my attention at the moment (see last weeks article “Transform your presentation with remarkable messages”). Maybe I’ve consciously become more aware of them, or they have improved and are becoming more effective. Well, most are effective; the ad I noticed earlier this week was memorable for the right reasons…

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Transform your presentation with remarkable messages

It is easy to transform your presentation by ensuring you have a remarkable message. What is a remarkable message? It is simply a message that communicates the right ideas and details to the audience its being delivered to! That’s easier said than done… But, when you have the right message you get results. Earlier this…

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Don’t Wait – To Improve your skills Just Do It!

The best way to improve your skills is summarised nicely by Nike. Their tag line of Just Do It encapsulates some of the most valuable advice that a coach can give a client. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of waiting to ensure that every detail is understood before taking action.…

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Are you providing the right communications experience?

What experience do you provide when you deliver a presentation? Think back to the leaders and speakers who have had most impact on you. What was it they said that made a difference? Can you remember? Possibly not… But, what if I asked how did they make you feel? I imagine you can recall exactly…

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How to make your next presentation irresistible

It is vital you make your presentation irresistible. We live and work in a world that has never been busier. As presenters and influencers this presents a unique challenge. The people we want to influence are battling with the mountain of distractions before we approach them. When we ask them to move their attention from…

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increase influence

A sure fire way to increase your influence

There’s a sure fire way to increase your influence and make your presentations more persuasive. Know what your desired outcome is! It sounds simple, and it is, but to often it’s a neglected aspect of any presentation or communication.   As the Lewis Carroll wrote in Alice in Wonderland “If you don’t know where you…

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Persuasive Presentation

3 Pitching Lessons from Shark Tank

School holidays are great. I get to spend more time with the kids and the after school activities wind down. As a result I was able to sit down and enjoy Shark Tank this week. It’s fascinating to see the different styles of pitch that the business owners deliver in the hope of securing an…

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