Trusted Influencer Show – Why people don’t buy what you’re selling

You can make more sales when you understand why people won’t buy what your selling. In this episode of the trusted influencer show I discuss the six reasons why people won’t buy and what you need to change so you can increase your influence and make more sales!            

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Trusted Influencer Show – How to Sound Confident

Welcome to the first episode of my new live stream show the Trusted Influencer Show! Its a weekly show delivered live on Facebook. With any new “things” there were a few technical bumps… Who’d have thought that my request for an interactive show would generate a phone call!   The key points covered in the show…

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How to increase your income by 50%

Increase your income by 50% – Warren Buffet tells you how

Is there a way that you can easily increase your income by 50%? Conventional logic says that there is no way to quickly and effortlessly increase your value by 50% overnight. However Warren Buffet disagrees. Speaking to student at Columbia Business School, in a televised address, he told them how they could easily increase their…

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How to increase your influence and make more sales with LinkedIn Webinar Replay

We had a great time on the webinar last night night. There was lots of interaction and some great ideas shared that will enable you to build your network with profitable clients, establish trust and credibility with them, and ultimately make the sale. You can check out the replay below. Enjoy! Click here to apply for your…

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How the Logies can help you increase your influence

  I don’t normally pay attention to the Logies or any awards ceremonies for that matter – especially the Oscars! Really who cares? But a story from the Logies ceremony did catch my eye. And there’s a nice lesson in the story that can help you improve your ability to influence your clients and colleagues.…

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Virtual Meetings

7 Tips to run an effective online meeting

Virtual Meetings promise increased efficiencies, increased collaboration, and reduced costs. Yet, for many, that hasn’t happened – they haven’t found the key to an effective virtual meeting. Instead, virtual meetings have become a quagmire where decisions are not made. Meetings struggle to get traction because people don’t engage. In this article, I will share with…

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Get More Clients webinar replay

Get more Clients and Sell from the stage Webinar Replay

We had an awesome time earlier in the week.The webinar covered some amazing material. Check out the replay below!      

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Improve your sales meetings

How to easily improve your sales meeting effectiveness

In this short article I’m going to show you how to improve your sales meetings by sharing with you lessons from some work that I’ve been doing recently with one of the worlds largest financial organisations. It will help you improve your sales meetings and get better results when speaking with clients.   I’ve been…

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How to know your audience

Know your Audience – 3 Essential Questions you need to answer

The key to succeeding and delivering a great presentation is to know your audience. The better you know your audience, the more likely you are to deliver a presentation which will persuade and influence your audience. In this article, I’m going to share with you the three things that you need to focus on so that you…

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Power of the Pause

The Power of the Pause – How to Increase your influence

The power of the pause! Silence is the most powerful sound in public speaking. When you’re delivering your very next presentation I challenge you to incorporate the sound of silence. In this article I’ll share with you three different techniques that you can use to incorporate the power of the pause, to have real impact…

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