2 Hour Presentation Check Up

Diagnose a speakers strengths and opportunities for improvement quickly.

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A fantastic way to quickly and easily identify the areas requiring development – with a recommended approach to rectify the skills gap

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Quickly Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Discover where presentation skills can be improved

  • Personalised review of a Presentation

    A Public Speaking Skills Coach will review a recorded presentation to assess the speakers strengths and improvement opportunities

  • Self Assessment

    The presenter completes a short questionnaire to provide their feedback on their performance and desired improvements

  • Written Report

    A summary report with conclusions and development recommendations is presented to management/HR to improve staff development plans

Here's What You'll Get With a 2 Hour Presentation Review...

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The Process

  • Each participant completes a short presentation self-assessment questionnaire
  • A Public Speaking Skills University coach reviews a recorded presentation delivered by the person being assessed
  • The presenter is comprehensively evaluated, in terms of presentation structure, clarity and whether there is a logical flow to their ideas; impact, control and the ability to engage an audience; the quality and effectiveness of their visual aids

The Results

  • The evaluation results are immediately fed back to management and/or HR/L&D
  • During the feedback session, recommendations for further training will be made, if applicable
  • Additional training can be incorporated into your existing talent development program. Alternatively, we can tailor a training or one-to-one coaching program to meet your specific needs and address the performance gaps identified during this check-up

Nerida's Public Speaking Skills University Story

You are a generous and inspiring speaker. Thanks again for sharing your talents and knowledge with us. We hope we get the opportunity to work with you on future events.

- Nerida Ayers, TAFE NSW
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Demi's Public Speaking Skills University Story

 Mark has been an amazing coach.

 He actively listens, provide constructive feedback though his professionalism which helped me achieved my goal and helped me build my confident with public speaking . Mark always willing to help even outside the coaching time throughout the course. Thank you for your supportive and excellent coaching.

 I highly recommend !!!!

- Demi Pimprasran, Allianz Australia
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Q.Does a Public Speaking Skills University Coach attend a live presentation?

    A.Yes, if the presentation is being presented live online a Public Speaking Skills Coach may attend live. However in most instances a video of the presentation is reviewed.

  • Q.Can specific types of presentations be reviewed?

    A.You may send a video of any type of presentation or speech to form the basis of the review.

  • Q.What is the maximum length of the presentation to be reviewed?

    A.You can send any length of presentation, however in most instances a maximum of thirty minutes will be reviewed. The coach will move ensure they review the key components of a presentation, such as the opening and conclusion to ensure the report covers  all the key competencies required to deliver  effective presentations.

  • Q.How long will it take to get the report?

    A.Depending upon schedules the time to receive the report varies. You will be advised when you enquire what the expected turn around time will be.

  • Q.Can I order a checkup for more than one person?

    A.Yes, when you click “Get Started” you will be taken to the Contact Us Page. In the Message Box please indicate how many staff members you would like to receive a Presentation Check Up.